What can I expect on cleaning day?
Whether you choose a full service cleaning or the outside windows only, we have found that we are most successful working in tandem, checking our work as we go.  On the inside, screens will be removed and cleaned along with the window tracks, interior sills, and frames.  A clean tarp will be placed under our work area to prevent any water from coming in contact with the floor.  In addition, we wear protective shoe covers before entering your home.



How do you clean windows?
We clean windows using a traditional method of a micro fiber sleeve mounted to a "T" bar to apply a soapy solution to the window and remove the water using a squeegee.  We have various sizes of each depending on the size of the window.  This is the best method to remove dirt and grime and provides excellent results.  After the solution is removed from the window, the perimeter of each window frame is detailed using a lint free micro fiber towel which leaves the entire window pane streak free.  On second story windows, and ones that are hard to reach up to a height of 40 feet, we use a water fed pole. This pole mounted method features a soft bristle brush and uses purified water which acts as its own detergent eliminating the use of a soap solution.  Since the water fed pole enables us to clean windows from the ground, it eliminates the need for a tall ladder.  The use of mineral free purified water allows the window to dry spot free without the use of a squeegee.  This is a great advancement in window cleaning technology and provides a safer working environment for us and virtually eliminates a ladder leaning against your home.  You will be impressed with the results.

How are screens cleaned?

Screens are cleaned using a free standing, water fed screen cleaner that features soft interior brushes mounted in a frame. The screens are gently pulled through the apparatus while the brushes and water do their job.  The end result is a perfectly clean screen and screen frame.  Screens are then air dried in a rack prior to re-installing them.