Who will be completing the projects?  Do you have any employees?

Let us introduce ourselves!  We are Jim and Steve, owners of the company, and we complete all cleaning projects.  We believe that this is the best way to maintain a high quality experience to our clients.  We are not satisfied with our work until you are.

How long have you been in business?

Pane Remedy began in 2014 in Houston, TX.  Both Minnesota natives, we returned to the state in July 2018.  We decided to move to Duluth after many visits to the area over the years and have settled in the Hunter's Park/Congdon area.  We enjoy the many bike and hiking trails and natural beauty of Duluth.

Do you offer any other services?

We do offer cleaning of exterior light fixtures starting at $10.00 and up.  If you are in need of blind cleaning, we can complete that task as well.  We also carry a small vacuum for dusting of draperies and other small areas around the windows.  Check the "Quotes" page for multiple cleaning discounts!

Do I need to be home when you arrive?

Even though we enjoy meeting and chatting with our clients, it is not necessary for you to be home when we arrive.  We do ask that you have an accessible outside water faucet and that all pets are free of our work area.  In addition, we believe the best way to remove window screens is from the inside, so if you won't be home we can discuss the possibility of having them removed prior to our arrival.

What happens if it rains on my scheduled cleaning day?

In most cases, weather pending, we are able to re-schedule most appointments within 2 days.  

You just cleaned my windows and now it has rained....now what?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not rain that spots windows.  When spots appear on windows it is the result of rain and/or high humidity wetting pollen, airborne dust, and other environmental debris that has accumulated on the glass over time.  The glass then dries, resulting in runs and spots on the window.  Sprinkler systems that are not set correctly can also spray onto windows leaving mineral spots.  These spots can be difficult to remove from the glass with traditional cleaning methods.  We are equipped with an acid cleaner to tackle this job if necessary.


My windows have a cloudy appearance even after cleaning them....why?

Cloudiness or spotting that remains after cleaning is either the result of seal failure on a double pane window, or a breakdown of the molecular structure of the glass over the years resulting in a white haze.  This is a common problem of older single pane windows.  In some cases, we can remove the haze on the surface, however the glass may require restoration or replacement.

We hope that we have answered the most common questions about our service. If not, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.  We try to answer the phone as promptly as possible, but we have noticed that window soap and phones don't always mix!  We enjoy what we do and hope that you will contact us for your cleaning project.  A client told us recently,...."If I knew my windows would have turned out this nice, I wouldn't have waited 20 years to have them cleaned!"  

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